It is my privilege to write this recommendation for Tareq Al Rafi – son of Mohamed Al Rafi. I have been fortunate to coach Tareq at Basicball Advance Basketball Team and as his Personal coach for last 3 years as a Head Coach.  In all of my dealings with Tareq he has shown to be a young man of character, intelligence, and talent. He is now aiming for scholarship in USA and is displaying the leadership and work ethic that every coach hopes for from his top players.

Tareq has been involved in our Basketball Program from the beginning which means that he has grown together with our Academy and our Academy has grown with him. It is our privilege and honor to have this fine young talented man who is also a local basketball player and this makes a fine example that United Arab Emirates can produce future professional basketball talents who will perform on international level.

Tareq is one of the hardest working student athletes that I have worked with in my 26 years of coaching basketball. He never takes a day off and he leads by example.  Tareq is relentless as a player.  His best advantages on the court: shooting skills and IQ for the game. He has worked hard since last season on improvement of his strength and quickness. Tareq has taken his natural talent to the next level through hard work and a tremendous desire to become professional player and an good human bean as he is.

Tareq would like to continue his basketball development as a professional player with the main goal to acquire the scholarship for University Program in USA in time period of next 2-3 years. He already attended Elite Basketball program at DME Academy in February 2017 under my supervision and he will proceed with one more tour in March 2017. He is currently studying in Switzerland but his love for basketball is the reason to continue his University studies overseas.

He is very popular among the fellow students and is a very intelligent, hardworking, humble and with excellent leadership qualities. He has always shown his interest in academics and always stood to advance in studies. He is a student who actively participates in the practicing discussions and always stand out to help his fellow players. His family is very proud of him and we are more than grateful for having the opportunity to participate in development of future professional basketball player from day he started as a fresh beginner until he continue his future sports career as a professional.

Tareq`s goal is to play basketball in USA. I know that he will be an outstanding addition to any college team. If you have any questions about Tareq or need additional information, please feel free to contact me at +971 56 956 9628.

Dejan Kamenjasevic
Senior Executive
PSSA, Dubai

Needs core strength, needs hip mobility work, he externally rotates feet during squats and agility movements and struggles to change directions efficiently with drills that include change of direction. Upper body strength needs improvement. Really struggles to bend consecutively especially when fatigued.

Tariq Alrafi is a young basketball player from Dubai, who came to DME for an intensive 7-days training.